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The month of August

August has actually been a pretty busy, hectic month for me, not that I feel remotely good about where my life is going now post-uni, or feel particularly productive about getting myself on the right track. Mentally, August has been a pretty trying month. Physically, though, I have been distracted by task after task after task and for that I can't be thankful enough. If there's one place I don't want to be particularly right now, it's trapped in this very negative headspace. I don't like it and I'd very much like it to go away. But less about that and more about the fact I've beat last month's read books by one, managing to devour five whole, fab fab fab books. A lot of reading (good!), but not a lot of blogging (bad!). All reviews are to come though. Watch this space.



To be read:
So August. Aside from the mental head stuff... I'm not actually sure where this month has gone. Well, actually, I do. I've been quite the busy bee. My eldest sister has made the move, neatly only a few doors down on the same street. But the house needed some serious TLC and a little updating, so I've been swapping between children bouncing on the hip and paintbrushes and rollers, finding myself at nearly midnight, dizzy from the fumes of emulsion. It's been rewarding though, especially when I managed to exceed expectations for the amount of wall space painted per hour and be warmed by those wide, grateful grins of my family. It's also pretty mindless work and a task that gets me out of the house and on a bus to beautiful Wells. So, in that sense, it's a bit of a breather from being not only cooped up in my bedroom, hunched over a laptop, but also a breather from thinking about the whole 'what the hell is meant to happen next' thing.

I also spent the last seven days of August travelling around my closest cities with my Canadian friend, Natalie, and showing her the sights the South West have to offer. It was actually pretty great being able to really enjoy my nook on this earth. We had a day trip to Wells and a few exploring Bath before going on to stay at a hostel in Bristol. I won't say too much more than that, because I may just write a blog post on it when I get the chance. May as well put the hundreds of pictures taken to good use, right? Until then (and all my reviews), you can find me on Twitter or something — I think I've genuinely forgotten how to sign off these things...


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